How to make a scarecrow

How to make a scarecrow (well sort of)

The FoodFest mascots are a series of scarecrows, scarecrows doing all sorts of interesting things from picking flowers to playing football; pushing a supermarket trolley to playing computer games. All our scarecrows help illustrate the type of thing we are interested in and what we do here at FoodFest.

On Sunday 17th September we are joining with the congregation from St Giles Church Newcastle to celebrate the renovation of the church yard. As part of the celebration we are having a Big Lunch Community Picnic and organising a number of fun activities to entertain everyone attending.

One of the activities we have planned is a scarecrow treasure hunt where people will be invited to seek some glass scarecrows we have made and hidden in the grounds, and the best bit, the scarecrows are made of glass.

One of the scarecrows has been made by one of our team. Look out for it when you join us in September.