About Us

The Team (Ones in yellow)

Although we are a fully constituted group all decisions are made jointly and do not bother with titles and positions


Jan holds our purse strings and is very good at it. With her interesting past working in both theatre and TV Jan helps us see the bigger picture and know where to go next. Jan Is a vegetarian and is pleased to say that she has ‘not eaten anything with a face since 1973.’



June is our link to local schools and businesses. With her contacts as a local councillor and former lolly pop lady June knows and is known by everyone.



Becca is our details person. When wild ideas are flying around it is usually Becca who suggests ways of turning dreams into reality. Becca is a keen gardener and is our very own eco-worrier.

Other members of the team are.


Matt (or Lankie) is our tame artist and has designed all our mascots and created our logo. Supported by our graphic designer Marnie they have driven forward the look of our advertising and we are very pleased with what they have done for us.



Robert is our IT guy. He has set up our website and often helps convert a PDF into a Jpeg (whatever that means!)



Steph is our arts and crafts master. Her ideas and abilities have been invaluable to us especially when making Christmas decorations



Claire is the group historian and archivist. Claire spent her day at FF16 chatting to stall holders and visitors asking them what they thought about the event and this information has been invaluable for our fundraising. You can see Claire’s report on our ‘History’ page.



Jayne is our fundraiser and she tries to get money for the team to spend on putting on the unique event that is FoodFest.

and nit forgetting

The Good People of North Staffordshire.

We are so grateful for all the support we continue to receive to make our work possible. We are especially proud of the donations of tinned and dry food we have been able to pass on to local good causes.