FoodFest 2018 #OPOC Review

FoodFest #OPOC 2018

Initial Review

FoodFest #Our Planet Our Community 2018 is over. 2 days of hectic activity.

Day one a successful schools day that saw 4 schools and over 80 children involved in a wide range of activities ranging from making smoothies to litho printing. ‘Its the best day of my life’ was said by one of the children.

Day two Community day. Saw a number of local community groups from Newcastle scouts to Plastic free Newcastle have the opportunity to interact with the community and people of Newcastle. All this and providing free oatcakes which raised money for the Lord Mayors Charity, proved what a great day it was.

Here are some photos of FoodFest #Our Planet Our Community 2018. Please keep coming back and having a look. we will soon be looking at what FoodFest will be doing in 2019, so watch this space !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Foodfest #OPOC 2018   Day 1

Foodfest #OPOC 2018   Day 2 Part 1

Foodfest #OPOC 2018   Day 2 Part 2