Why #OPOC?

Why Our Planet Our Community

This is our third year of running an event in Newcastle. Each year we have learned from the year before and we have honed and developed what we offer year by year.

We are not just a community event because at the heart of everything we do are the issues of food poverty, food waste, Sustainability and food security at its heart. It is this that makes everything we do unique.

As we have grown we have come to realise that the word sustainability encompasses so much of what we do. Pottery plates are so much more sustainable than plastic so we are trying to do our bit to champion the pottery industry locally.

We now use sustainability to drive everything we do and we work with other organisations that have sustainability at their heart too.

Thinking about this, we decided that a perfect title for our event this year would be Our Planet, Our Community. We still remain FoodFest and our core goals are the same and we are pleased and proud to present #OPOC to the people of Newcastle, North Staffordshire and the world.