Friday 21 : Whats Went on?

FoodFest Day 1:     What  Went on




FoodFest 2018 ‘Our Planet Our Community’ starts with our popular “Schools Day”. 

we invite local schools to come and interact with a range of organisations and community groups. from learning about  a plastic free Staffordshire, through the history of pottery to where Tesco get their food from. Be;ow are the activities and organisations taking part in School Day FoodFest 2018.


Activity Organisation
Farm on wheels will be bringing a selection of  farm animals and talking about the raising and looking after of common farm animals. You will have the opportunity to get up close to the animals. Farm on Wheels
Our friends from Tesco will be leading us on a journey of where they get their food from that the sell to us. They will also be showing what can be done with leftover fruit and a smoothie bike. Tesco Farm2Fork
Steve Shaw a well know and revered artist will be showing us how to do Lino Printing. Lino printing for centuries was the mainstay of decorating pottery. Come and see an ancient tradition revived.  Steve Shaw
Our long time supporter Danny “The Tile Man” Callaghan will be working on a mosaic using tiles form FoodFest 17 and other locally made tiles. Watch the space. More details on This Page  Danny Callaghan
Come and find out what O2 do with your old mobile phone. Their tech guru Team will be taking us on the long journey from your pocket to ………..  you will just have to come and find out The O2 Guru team
Come and find out how a chair leg is made. Mike will show us how a Poll lathe works and how it is used to turn wood to make chair legs and other wooden items that need to be made from a square piece of wood into a round piece of wood.
Brush and broom making.  Come and see how brushes and brooms are made,
What else you can make out of wood. Come and see the crafts used in making wooden items.
Buzz Buzz honey bee  as the old song starts. Come and find out  from John Wiggins all about bees, and how much we rely on them John Wiggins
One of the aims of FoodFest is to spread the message of  sustainability. Our  friends from ScrapShack will show us what we can make from one persons rubbish Scrapshack
Plastic Free Newcastle will e  sshowing us what they do when recycling plastic bottles and crisp packets. Please bring along clean crisp packets and plastic bottles  Plastic Free Newcastle
Our friends from Staffordshire Wildlife will show us how they look after the wild life and wild places in Staffordshire. Staffordshire Wildlife Trust
Water Aid will be sharing their vision of  Making water, toilets and hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere. WaterAid
Our friend Simon Long from Newcastle BC Community Management will be showing how recycled containers can be used as propagators for plants. Newcastle BC Community Management